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Northland Computer Services, Inc. is an independent custom software development company. Developing software since 1984, NCSI has worked on many different and interesting projects.

In the beginning NCSI worked with vertical market developers and engineering departments. For the past 20 years the emphasis has changed to cloud/server based software for businesses, organizations and clubs that have the need for distributed capabilities using cloud/server based computing. This allows their staff or volunteers to work from home or on the road while maintaining their data in a centralized location. Think cloud computing.

Many past customers resell the software developed here and end users were companies such as IBM, Cray Research, Grumman Aircraft, Fujitsu, Hospital Corporation of America, and Prudential Insurance.

Most work is performed in the Linux/UNIX environments using C or PHP.

Cloud Based Custom Software

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Q What is custom software ?
A First understand what custom software isn't. You can't go to Best Buy or any computer store and walk up to the 'Custom Software' shelf. You won't find that category of software on Amazon. Custom means created for a specific need or desire. Your need. Your desire. Each line of code making up the new, custom, specialized program is there to do what you want. You will have the source code to the program so changes can be made.
Q Why Custom ?
A Primary reasons would be:
- The software on the shelf doesn't do what you need/want
- Functionality based on YOUR needs
- Non-standard operations
- Adapted to your current business model
- You will have the source code and libraries developed for your project
Q What is your specialty ?
A Develop Cloud/server based custom software that allows remote operation.
Think cloud computing. While drinking pina coladas on the beach you use the web browser on your smart phone or laptop to log on to the system in your office or a remote server. You then remotely ....
Northland is NOT a developer of web sites that are there to promote your business. The simple web pages we do are for your business needs: ie to interface with the running of your business. Not generating new business.
Q Cloud/Server based? What does that mean ?
A You are familiar with the term 'web server', right? All it is, is a computer serving up web pages on the internet that people use a browser to interact with. Because the server is attached to the internet and is remote to you, the term 'Cloud' has come to represent the internet. The browser is the client software on a computer that requests 'services' from a server computer. The 'service' generally delivered is a static page: who we are, what we can do for you, contact info. But the same server can serve up dynamic and interactive content and functionality. That server can sit in your home office or remotely, on the 'Cloud'. Through your interactions it can run programs. See the next question.
Q What are some typical application functions ?
A All available remotely using your phone or desk top web browser
- maintain databases-employees/customers/members/.....
- order placement/tracking
- accounting
- inventory
- collect data
- billing
- report generation
- scheduling/reminder
- calendar of events
- mass emailing
- automated backups
- employee time keeping
- event notifications via email or text
- let's talk
Q Preferred customer ?
A Those that want remote operations-think cloud computing
- Clubs and organizations that are mostly run by volunteers.
- Small businesses-especially newly started(see scenario #2).
- Even if large enough to have a DP department or an IT gal, it never hurts to talk.
- You never know what your computer can do for you until you start dreaming - what if.....
Q What can you do for customers ?
A The first step is the most important
- #1 is to listen and evaluate what customer wants and discuss possible solutions
- Install inexpensive GNU/Linux based in-house server with web/email/custom software
- If wanted/needed setup a remote server
- Develop needed programs on the server(s) to meet needs
- Implement a backup plan
Q Past projects ?
A In the past 35+ years:
- Multiple projects for a company in the automatic test equipment field +
- Credit bureau interface software for a reseller of credit information, mostly to landlords.
- Postalsoft's Postware ACE library for interface with Progress Database
- Health Risk Management conversion from main frame to PCs (including PC Jr) +
- Mag tape utilities package for PC
- Pager calling from computer
- Smart card data input
- Interface between Ambulance Management package on IBM AIX and Vehicle Location/map package +
- Vending machines-data capture of past sales
- Insurance KIOSK-at Bannister Mall-interface with the bill/credit/check and signature reader with the Paradox application
- Report generation for a loan company
- Stock market analysis reports-web site - *
- Controlling cameras at a storage facility - web site *
- Delivery driver scheduling *
- KC Bike Club-volunteer tracking/equipment loans -web site *
- Web site for Northland Security Services - *
- Web site for Major Taylor Cycling Club of KC - *
- Web site for Defensive Use of Firearms- *
- Web site for Kosmopolitan Singles - *
  * Behind the scenes (cloud computing) for web sites     example
  + Most software resold to places like: IBM, Cray Research, Grumman Aircraft, Fujitsu, Hospital Corp. of America, Prudential Insurance

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